Steven Benjamin
35 Rodeo Ave. Apt. 25
Sausalito, CA 94965
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(872) 222-9701

Steven Benjamin

Full Stack Developer
For nearly thirty years I have been developing software solutions. From industrial firmware development to zero platform design. ( Amazon Alexa Skills ). Recently I have been experimenting with node JS, Raspberry Pi and IBM's TJ Bot. I have always been aggressive in learning new technologies. In the past I have been interested in front-end development. Focusing on object oriented javascript and related frameworks such as angularJS and EXTJS. I have also applied front end skills towards developing mobiles apps with Cordova, Ionics and Angular. Currently I am learning AI API integration with IBM Watson and Amazon AWS combined with Node JS and server-side-frameworks. I am especially interested in working with small teams and I enthusiastic about joining a tech startup and contributing as a valuable team member. I have studied constructive team building and have often been credited with pulling together diverse teams and keeping them focused and on track with development goals. In the past I have worked for startups, large enterprise and the public sector.
Skill Set:
Websites are public facing sites. Built to look good on any device. (responsive design) And optimized code for fast page loading and SEO performance. I Incorporate the best of front-end web and back-end frameworks to produce sustainable easily maintainable code.
Intranets are private websites that provide targeted functionality for their user base. Many intranets are for sales, marketing and accounting portals for private businesses. Today I use established libraries such as Sencha and Ext JS to standardize intranet business modules.
I have assisted many companies with email marketing campaigns, ranging from several thousand messages per month to many million messages per week. Solutions range from email platform integration to custom email server and response monitoring design.
Office Productivity Software ranges from customized tools for creating quotes to end of month account reporting. I have assisted many business in stream lining their day to day business processes.
Video based process documentation. From Factory assembly processes to office accounting systems. Video documentation is an effective method of employee training.
Legacy database migration, database optimization and database design and documentation. Database security and best practices. Today's web applications are all based on data storage, retrieval and proper data caching.
Reporting is often tied to data mining and trend detection. But reports can be generated from any data source ranging from spreadsheets to cloud computing services.
e-commerce solutions that incorporate existing e-commerce retail platforms to custom templated e-commerce applications.
Mobile Apps and mobile friendly websites are now the standard. Mobile first design ensure that small sites load quickly and are optimized for touch user interface.
CRM integration from Salesforce to open source solutions. Custom platform integration to external CRM cloud services.
Coldfusion Lucee Fusebox Coldbox Framework One Framework One Oracle 11g mssql Sybase SQL Anywhere My SQL jquery HTML 5 CSS 3 Object Orientated Javascript Bootstrap Sencha ExtJS Angular JS Ionic JS Cordova JS Team Building Scrum
circa 2000 (drag me)