Steven Benjamin

35 Rodeo Ave. Apt. 25

Sausalito, CA 94965


Secondary Residencies:

701 Brentwood Drive, Tarrytown, NY 10591

email          :



Software & Web Application & Mobile developer - Over 20 years of software development experience. Throughout my career, I have designed, developed, tested and deployed over 100 software applications. I focus on front-end OO Javascript HTML5 / CSS3 web application development.)  I am fluent with SQL (Structured Query Language) and MSSQL and other popular

database engines. I use the ANSI-92 SQL specifications and can work with Oracle, MySQL 5+ and

SQL Anywhere. I often use SSMS, Workbench, SQLYog and Toad. My web application software observes the W3C guidelines of CSS2 & CSS3 standards. I have a strong understanding of OOJS and frequently employ the use of Angular JS, ExtJS, jQuery, HTML5, YUI and hand-coded JS, as well employ the use of extensions and plug-ins. Finally my backend code is organized with a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural patterns that can be applied to many popular frameworks including Fusebox, CFWheels, Framework One and various other service layers.

Skill Set Summary:

Angular JS (Very strong with all components of Angular JS)

Meteor and the MEAN stack.

Steroids JS, Backbone, Knockout

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryMobile, Sencha, YUI, ExtJS 3 & 4, topcoat

Coldfusion:  4.0 – 11 & Coldfusion 2016 (tomcat)

Lucee 5.x

PhoneGap (Cordova) 2.9-4.0 & Android Hybrid Development & iPhone Hybrid Development.

Ionics. (Phonegap & AngularJS)

SQL (Structured Query Language) ANSI 92 (Stored Procs & Performance Tuning)

MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, SQL Anywhere, Sybase

CFCs, UDFs, Custom tags

Node JS, vanila js

CVS,Subversion &  Git & Git Farm

XML/XSLT, DHTML/CSS, table less design

OO Javascript / XHR / AJAX /JSON (Restful)

CSS1 & CSS2 & CSS3


FuseBox: 3-5 (including FuseQ)


AutoCad / Visio


TOAD  SQLYog Workbench– MYSQL

Windows server 2000/2003/2008

IIS6&7 Administration

Apache tomcat and HTTPD runtime configuration.

Mod Rewrite and Ionics ISAPI

Web Services (Java)

Java (J2EE) (JSE)

Laszlo Systems, Flex

Software & Server Competencies:

HomeSite, Sublime,Eclipse, Net Beans, Expressions 4

Flash 8 Video Integration

Dreamweaver CS3/4/5

Macromedia Director

Adobe Photoshop CS3/4/5

Sonicwall Enhanced OS administration

Macromedia/adobe Fireworks CS3

Blackberry, BES Administration

Adobe Premier

Active Directory Administration

MS Exchange Administration


All MS Office programs

SAV Server (Symantec Anti-virus)


Free Time

Personal Project Work:

I am currently learning IBM Watson API integration with Node JS, Python and building experiments on the Raspberry Pi. I am also learning the Amazon AWS LEX api for Amazon Echo Skills.

I like to stay current with my skill set and test new technologies in a dev environment. I have a soft spot for local retailers on main street. My mother owned a retail fabric store when I was growing up in Westchester Co. New York.  My pet experimental project is Snap Stores. Snap stores is a 5 tier application (Mobile (Android, iOS), Responsive Sites, Admin Console, Transcriber Console & RESTful Services) Each of these tiers incorporate different technologies. The mobile apps were built with Cordova 4.0, angular JS 1.15 and topcoat  (They can be found in the app stores under the name Live Storefronts) The responsive sites are built with bootstrap 3 and object oriented javascript. The RESTful services layer is a Coldfusion 11 CFC’s and Node JS. The Admin Console is bootstrap and coldfusion 11 and the Transcriber Console is also Coldfusion 11. The database is MYSQL 5.6

Full Stack Developer ( Team Lead )

Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

Contract Programming Work:

The Judical Council of California, 455 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102

I lead a team of developers that worked closely with business analyst and quality assurance teams to build a new intranet assets management portal. This project is intended to combine multiple legacy systems into one singular platform.  Built primarily on Coldfusion 11 and Oracle 11g. The coldfusion code was organized with F/W1 (Framework One). I introduced javascript to the team and implemented a consistent Revealing Module Pattern to build singletons and constructors to enhance client side performance and improve UI/UX. My responsibilities included researching best practices and teaching the team how to implement them.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, Coldfusion 11, Coldfusion Builder, Subversion, Brackets, Oracle 11g, Toad, FrameWork One (F/W1)

Frontend Developer

Feb 2014 - Aug 2014 (6 month contract)

Contract Programming Work:, 111 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

At my responsibilities covered front-end development. Among other things I was responsible for the current responsive design photo/video/floorplan gallery.( This work required a good working command of HTML5/CSS3/OOJS. I worked with Visual Studio and TFS, brackets and Sublime to accomplish my tasks. Additional work included latency reduction, back end experiments with SOLR to improve performance, Bing map api integration including hand drawing regions on a map to select a subset of properties. I was part of a team to introduce Angular JS to the front-end developers. We followed a daily Scrum with two week sprints.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, UX, Visual Studio, Team File Services, SOLR, Bing Map API, Brackets, Sublime, Responsive Web Design

Frontend Developer

Dec 2011 - Dec 2012

Contract Programming Work:, 345 Boren Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98109

At Amazon I reported to two departments both under the Junglee division. (Amazon owns Store ratings and latency reduction. Both departments required that I learn Shell scripting for Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and windows 7 (Not power shell) and git farm. I was trained in Amazon Apollo and Amazon Brazil. ( The infinite scale engine and related compiler respectively.)  My responsibilities under store ratings was to code html5/css3 rating widgets and JSONP/iFrame forms that rendered cross domain and HTML email templates. All code was tested cross platform/browser for UI/UX and performance. (IE6 & 7 are not supported by Amazon). My responsibilities for latency reduction (front end) included identifying slow running code, optimizing image render times, sprite optimization, image caching and separating required assets that loaded in view (above the fold) and assets that rendered below the view.  I was also tasked with removing coffee script from the client side code and replacing it with javascript using the module revealing pattern.

Skills required to perform my duties were: Shell Scripting, Java, JSP, eclipse, aptana, OO Javascript, jQuery, HTML4/5, CSS 2/3/ and SASS.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, Client-side Latency Reduction, UX, Ecipse, Responsive Web Design

Full Stack Developer

Vemma, 8322 East Hartford Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Developed back-end office tools using Coldfusion 9, MSSQL 2008, jQuery, Javascript (Module revealing Pattern) and created a client side modular validation engine that was applied to all the user forms within the back office application.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion 9, JSON, MSSQL 2008,

UX., Coldfusion Builder, Ecipse, Responsive Web Design

Full Stack Developer

Northwestern University, Management Information Systems Dept, Chicago, IL 60606

Using Coldfusion 8, Model Glue, Oracle 11g I developed an in class evaluation system that integrated with the existing student evaluation engine. Additionally I rebuilt the Google calendar API integration to accommodate individual student schedules.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion 11, XHR, JSON, Oracle11g,

UX., Coldfusion Builder, Ecipse, Model Glue, Responsive Web Design

Full Stack Developer

Developed and online classified site built upon the Google Maps API v3. Mapified used a coldfusion 9 Standard backend on an elastic cloud based architecture built on Windows Data Center 2008.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, PhotoshopCS5, XHR, JSON, MSSQL, UI Design,

UX., Coldfusion Builder, Ecipse, Fusebox

Full Stack Developer is a suite of mobile apps and server side applications that work together to provide marketing services to brick and mortar businesses. I used Coldfusion 9 Standard, MYSQL 5.6 IIS7, PageSpeed, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, jQueryUI, jQueryMobile, OOjs, Phonegap, Objective-C, Android (java) to complete this project.


HTML5, CSS3. OO Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, PhotoshopCS5, XHR, JSON, MSSQL, UI Design,

UX., Git, Coldfusion Builder, Ecipse, Fusebox

Full Stack Developer

Feb 2010 - Dec. 2011

Gingerbread Shed Corp, 918 S. Mill Ave. Tempe AZ, 85281

Originally I was hired to rewrite the back-end code for their dedicated shopping cart. In short order

they realized I was very strong in Front-end development and design. I was moved to the Festheads

division where I excelled in OO Javascript, HTML5 / CSS3 / UI/UX and CFC Service Layer development. I completed the Festheads directory and the gamifiaction module (Fantasy Festival Builder) for all popular browsers. During that time I attended Google IO 2011 and the Gamification Summit 2011. Upon completion of these projects I voluntarily left to expand on my knowledge base while servicing individual clients. Additionally I took some time off to care for aging family members.


HTML5, CSS3. OO Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, PhotoshopCS5, XHR, JSON, MSSQL, UI Design,

UX.,Subversion, Git, Coldfusion Builder, Ecipse

Backend Developer

June 2010 - Jan. 2011

Hendricks & Partners, 2525 East Camelback Road, Suite 1150, Phoenix, Arizona 85016

I provided both server and client side programming. My daily duties included server side programming

with CFMX 7 and Java 1.4 and MYSQL. Client side work included, javaScript, jQuery and ExtJS. At

Hendricks and Partners I was responsible for establishing a maintainable code base that supported

intranet applications for market reporting and sales support materials. This included the dynamic

manipulation and generation of PDF documents from data retrieved across multiple data sources and

data services. I used the iText library and the Coldfusion server for the PDF work. All my work was tested in IE 6,7,8, FF2.x, FF3.x, Chrome and Safari. It was a challenge to incorporate XHR Restful standards with the older platforms. This included writing custom functions to generate well formed JSON packets.

Keywords: iText, Java, HTML5, CSS3. OO Javascript, jQuery, Coldfusion, PhotoshopCS5, XHR, JSON MSSQL, UI Design, UX, ExtJS, Sencha

Full Stack Developer

February 2009 – June 2010

Softstone Interactive, 299 Riverside Ave, Westport CT 06880

Contract work: Boardroom Inc. (

At Boardroom I developed both forward facing transactional sites and internal intranet applications as

well as back-end data transfer automation tools. This work included the use of Coldfusion 8+9, Java

1.5 and SQL Anywhere 7+8. Client side work incorporated jQuery, ExtJS 3.x and YUI charts. My

responsibilities included the development of a rich client side budget generation tool, A mass email

management tool and automated credit checks based on locale and regional profiling.

Keywords: HTML5, CSS3. OO Javascript, jQuery, Sencha, ExtJS, UI/UX Design, Coldfusion, Photoshop CS5, XHR, JSON SQL Anywhere

Backend Developer

August 2008 – February 2009

American Express Publishing, 1120 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036

Contract Work: At AmexPub I worked on the Coldfusion version on the web site for Food & Wine magazine. While there I continued the development of a recipe syndication tool with a rich front end user interface written in OO javascript. Additional I developed and completed the front-end interface for a wine pairing tool. There were two versions of the wine pairing tool, OO javascript and ExtJS.

Keywords: Coldfusion, OO javascript, ExtJS, UI/UX Design, MSSQL

Backend Developer

February 2008 - August 2008

State Bar of Arizona, 4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85016-6288

Contract work:At the State Bar of AZ I migrated their existing back end web application to the Fusebox / MVC framework. This involved reading and improving on the existing Coldfusion code. Optimizing the SQL code for performance and dividing the code into reusable modules that prevent duplication of code and helped to facilitate a lower cost of ownership. Additionally the internal web applications were moved to a Coldfusion 8 server and were supported with FLEX utility applications.

Keywords: Coldfusion, FLEX, FLASH, MSSQL

Backend Developer

March 2007 - February 2008

Market Street Web, 3458 North Monticello Ave., Chicago, IL 60618

As a Software consultant working under the corporate name of Market Street Web.

I completed numerous projects:

        a. Developed a specialized survey for an intranet application that included both on-line and print OMR (Office Mark Registration) data entry, OLAP (On Line Analytical Processing) and dynamic

graphic based reporting for the Rodgers Group.

        b. Developed an intranet SNMP Network Scanner that allowed for daily monitoring of mission

critical networked assets for Incapital Holdings, LLC.

        c.Completed factory automation firmware that extended the manufacturing capability of existing

equipment for Kintz Plastics, Inc.

        d. Developed the back end of an internet e-commerce site for collecting payment for a dedicated product and allowed users to apply for additional services for Michael Mack - The Credit Man.

Keywords: Coldfusion, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoshopCS2, ImageReady CS2, Flash, XML, LadderLogix, Panelbuilder, MS Access, MSSQL

Backend Developer

July 2006 - March 2007

American Bar Association, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60610

Contract work: I worked under the Center of Professional Responsibility (CPR) at the American Bar Association This work I provided was of a sensitive nature and I have been asked to remove the details of my work performed from this resume. While there I completed an internal application for updating and maintaining internal data that involved many unique and detailed business model rules.

Keywords: Coldfusion, Oracle, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoshopCS2, XML

Backend Developer

Jan 2004 - March 2007

Incapital Holdings, LLC, 1 North LaSalle St. Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60602

At Incapital Holdings, LLC. I was responsible for building and maintaining the public facing websites

and some of the internal Intranet trading platforms and financial portfolio valuation tools. These

sites included, (trading platform), Additionally I designed and deployed the ladderBuilder™ Bond portfolio analysis

tool currently used on the site. I was also part of a team of developers that created

the Certamen tournament engine that is currently running all of the seasonal sports challenges

on In March 2005 my responsibilities shifted from software

development to network administration and security management. These responsibilities included server maintenance and live backups over a worldwide network that included multiple domains across 4 major sites, each connected via secure VPN tunnels with redundant out of network ISPs. Additionally my responsibilities included network based voice recording, Televantage TV6-7 IP-based phone systems,

Sonicwall enhanced OS Firewall administration (CSSA-1 & CSSA2) and IPC Voice communication

server administration. This work involved extensive travel and coordinating of project based work with

vendors from multiple time zones.

Keywords: Coldfusion, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoshopCS2, ImageReady CS2, Flash, XML,MicroSoft SQL Server. MS Exchange 2000/2003, Blackberry BES Server 4, Active Directory (AD), LDAP, MCSE, NT Security, SNMP, Backup Exec, DHCP, TCP/IP.

Backend Developer

April, 2002 - Jan, 2004

Atomic Imaging, 1501 North Magnolia Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Software developer – My responsibilities included Coldfusion / HTML / JavaScript. I worked as the

backend software integrator that connected web applications to the database and flat file storage. I later moved in to Kiosk design and software UI interface programming using HTML and LINGO.

Keywords: Coldfusion, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop5, Macromedia Director LINGO , MicroSoft, SQL Server. MS Access

1999 – April 2002

Steven Benjamin, Inc, 145 Palisades Ave., Dobbs Ferry, NY, 10522

Software consultant – worked under the corporate name of Steven Benjamin, Inc. As a consultant,

I provided mostly database applications to business in the manufacturing sector. This occasionally

included simple web user interface and some basic HTML websites. This work also included touch

screen user interface training and machine operation firmware.

Keywords: HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Macromedia Director - LINGO , MicroSoft SQL Server

(Sybase) . MS Access.

Allen Bradley Developer / Integrator

1992 - 1999

Infrared Direct, Inc., 145 Palisades Ave.,Dobbs Ferry, NY, 10522

Infrared Direct was a business that I started in 1992. Infrared Direct provided software based industrial

control systems for factories running electric and gas infrared ovens. I developed and sold software and hardware based program logic controllers designed to maximize electrical efficiency and increase control of closed loop temperature guidance systems. Later we introduced software for managing gas catalytic systems that monitored an array of variables to eliminate the possibility of gas combustion. This software is still be used today by Vulcan catalytic and American Catalytic Systems. Infrared direct was purchased in 1999 by Ceramicx, LLC.

Keywords: Rockwell Software Ladder Logix,, Allen Bradley PanelBuilder, Autodesk AutoCad.

Additional Activities:

I enjoy cooking, tennis and hiking and cycling. I also enjoy learning new technologies when I have extra time. Recently I built as an exercise in HTML5/UI/UX and mobile platform integration. This is my personal programming project to hone and test my skills in programming, marketing, SEO, and UI/UX design. Right now I am learning about Node JS and server side javascrict and cloud based application servers.


Deborah Smith

Judicial Council of CA

Vaibhav Jain (VJ)

Judicial Council of CA


Dan Friel


Joe Rickard

CIO Incapital Holdings, LLC


Wynn Kintz

CEO Kintz Plastics


Marc Cockerill

Hal Helms


Drew Mora

Avum Technologies

(480) 370-2993

Stuart Gillies

Formally at Kintz Plastics,

Currently at General Electric.


Jonathan Lewis

Northwestern University


Erin Duvall



Todd Kingham

Gingerbread Shed, LLC.


Sean Clancy

Hendricks and Partners


Ron Hiner

President, softstone Technologies

(203) 557-4772

Jorge Hassan

Senior Programmer – On Assignment

305 586 7963

Jim Schaberg

Director of Marketing, Incapital Holdings, LLC


Noah Sepsenwol

Senior Developer

(847) 440-9398